Perlite + Soil / 5L

  • Improved drainage: Perlite has excellent drainage properties due to its porous structure. When mixed with soil, it helps prevent waterlogging and allows excess water to drain away, reducing the risk of root rot and other water-related issues.

  • Enhanced aeration: The air-filled pores in perlite promote better air circulation within the soil, ensuring that the roots receive adequate oxygen. This is particularly important for healthy root development and overall plant growth.
  • Reduced soil compaction: Perlite helps prevent soil compaction, which can occur over time due to watering, foot traffic, or heavy rainfall. Its presence in the soil mixture keeps it loose and friable, allowing roots to penetrate easily and facilitating nutrient uptake.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle: Perlite is lightweight, making it easy to mix with soil and work with during gardening activities. It does not add significant weight to the soil, making it suitable for use in containers, raised beds, and various planting situations.
  • Neutral pH and inert nature: Perlite has a near-neutral pH, which means it does not significantly affect the soil’s acidity or alkalinity. It is an inert material, meaning it does not break down or decompose over time, providing a stable growing environment for plants.
  • Promotes root growth and development: The improved drainage, aeration, and loose structure created by perlite in the soil mixture encourage healthy root growth. It allows roots to explore and expand, leading to stronger, more vigorous plants.

Overall, incorporating perlite into soil mixtures improves its physical properties, promotes optimal root conditions, and enhances plant growth. It is particularly beneficial for heavy or compacted soils that require better drainage and aeration.


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