Clybio Agriculture / Horticulture

What is Clybio Agriculture / Horticulture

Clybio is a complex microorganism whose quality was controlled by biotechnology based on the technology developed at Ehime Prefecture Industrial Technology Centre, Japan.

Clybio is a complex of THREE FOOD INGREDIENTS!


It can reduce the breeding of various germs by lactic acid with reliable sterilizing power.

-Bacillus Natto

It decomposes organic matter such as proteins, starch and fat with its alkaline sticky enzyme.

-Yeast Fungus

it can re-synthesize organic matters like various amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, minerals and fatty acid-based hormones.

  • Fermentation Culture

+ Enzyme Amino acids* Peptide*based Hormone Substance

Interaction of Bacillus Natto * Lactobacilli * Yeast Fungus + the Power of Enzyme!!


What are the Effects and Benefits of clybio Agriculture / Horticulture?

Bacteriostasis Power / Antibacterial Power

The lactic acid, which is strongly acidic, will acidify the PH value of the leaf surface, and it will restrain the bacteria from working with slight acidity.

Repelling Action

A compound such as Easters producing yeast is a volatile substance that harmful insects don’t prefer, and it has an effect that does not keep harmful insects close.

Increases Leaf Microorganisms

Microorganisms such as Bacillus Natto, which is initially on the leaves’ surface, are activated, keep their cleanliness, and protect leaves from viruses.

Improve the Resistance

Cell wall decomposition products of yeast (oligosaccharides) are absorbed in crops, leading to the resistance to diseases.

Increase of Indigenous Microbe

By the indigenous microbes on the underground, activating Amino Acids, Vitamins. An enzyme, Fungal Body Protein (Corpse of the Microbe), as bait, will ferment every soil, making it soft and fertile.

Decomposition Power

The decomposition enzyme of the Alkali will demonstrate its effect on the sterilization or becoming insecticidal.

Mineral Absorption and Nitrogen Digestion

As the lactic acids produce by Yeast Fungus have several acidic liquids, the minerals are chelated with acid, making them easy to be absorbed. Furthermore, the excess chelate inside the plant will carry on its digestion, increasing its disease resistance.



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