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Phalaenopsis Double Stalk in Black Cement Pot

The Colour Depends on what we have in Double Stalk.

Phalaenopsis is an indoor plant that can be kept all year. They were originally found in Asia’s tropical regions. Widely grown as houseplants, they are prized for their low maintenance, delicate, and colourful flowers. Phalaenopsis is a flowering plant that can be raised in the house and blooms for a long time. They do not involve a lot of sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Add an air of elegance to your home with this Phalaenopsis Orchid. More commonly known as the Moth Orchid, the Phalaenopsis is a favourite indoor plant decoration.  Each spike produces 6-10 flowers,  Long-lasting blooms (1 month in air conditioning) Given proper care, the Phalaenopsis can rebloom once or twice a year.  Average plant height: ~40mH These are live plants.

Included in Arrangement

  • Phalaenopsis Double Stalk: 1 Plant
  • Cement Pot height: 12cm


Place indoors or under the shade near a window. Do not put under full sun.

Water at the roots once or twice a day. Do not allow roots to soak in water.

Fertilise with Our fertilizer twice a week.  Fertilizer For Growing & Flowering

Repot (Recommended after flowering) with medium-grade mix e.g. Sphagnum moss.


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