Purple Paradise

Bloom with purple power and find yourself or a special someone a thick, cone-shaped cluster of up to 50 dark purple orchid blossoms, look no further. One of the lowest petals of each flower is divided into three separate lobes. When the Early purple orchid’s leaves begin to show in early January, they are shiny and dark green with black dots.

You may brighten someone’s day on their birthday or anniversary by sending a bouquet!


Your orchid needs a container with a lot of drainages in order to thrive. Orchids should be planted in soil that drains quickly. A temperature of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for the growth of orchids (16 to 24 degrees Celsius). This combination of temperate temperatures and a small amount of air movement will help your orchid to produce large, stunning blooms. If feasible, orchids should be placed near a window facing south or east. A lot of light is required, but not direct light.


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This Grande orchid bouquet is a gift that speaks VOLUME with a medley of exotic purple and violet orchids. These uncommon blue-ish purple Vandas will surely impress your loved ones!




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