Rice Husk for Gardening (5L / 0.5kg)

Rice hulls are among the most environmentally friendly soil additions available for improving drainage, water holding capacity, and aeration in agricultural fields. It does not require mining, as opposed to perlite and other rock products, and it does not necessitate land disturbance, as opposed to peat moss, to be produced. A byproduct of agriculture, like coco coir, would normally be considered garbage if it weren’t recycled. 

In addition, our rice hulls are organically certified! During the harvesting process, the husks of each grain of rice are removed, resulting in rice hulls. It is then parboiled at a high enough temperature to kill any rice grains that may have gotten into the mix, as well as any weed seeds or illnesses that may have gotten into the mix. Rice hulls are harmless and biodegradable, and as they decompose, they provide nutrients to the soil. These materials are stable enough to endure for an average gardening season before disintegrating, which means the soil will benefit from moisture control and aeration while your vegetables are being harvested and harvested. 

Using Rice Hulls in Your Garden

  • When you fertilize your garden in the spring, apply roughly a two-inch layer across the surface and work it into the top 6–12 inches of soil, depending on how much you need.
  • For potted plants, add 10–50 per cent rice hulls to your potting soil before adding your plants.
  • Rice hulls can also be used as mulch, in the same way as straw would be.
  • Given that rice hulls are incredibly lightweight, they are particularly well suited for rooftop gardening and other gardens that require an amendment to make their soil lighter in weight.

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