‘Nutricote’ Fertilizer 13-11-11 (180 days controlled release fertilizer)

‘Nutricote’ Fertilizer

Timed Released Fertilizer Last up to 180 days

Great for orchids, bromeliads, house and yard plants. Use on the container or in-ground plants.

Simply sprinkle Nutricote on top of the potting medium around the plant. When it rains or you water the Nutricote pellets release a small amount of food into the soil.

Nutricote uniformly releases fertilizer over time, based on temperature and moisture exposure. The release is controlled by a patented chemical release agent in the resin coating. Other controlled released fertilizers depend solely on the thickness of their resin, which results in non-uniform releases. Nutricote release periods are designated by Types. The Type number indicates the number of days at 77°F that the product will release 80% of its nitrogen. For example, Type 180 will release 80% of its nitrogen evenly over a 180-day period at 77°F. Orchids, Rhododendron, Azalea, Gardenia, Ferns, Forestry Seedling, Greenhouse Vegetables, African Violets. Nursery Crops, Cut Flower Crops, Bedding Plants, Woody Ornamentals. Most Pot Crops, Most Foliage Crops.


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