Sansevieria Pleated

Adopt a piece of nature. The Sansevieria are blooming plants native to Africa, Madagascar, and southern Asia. But they withstand shade as well as heat and sunshine. They must be cultivated in well-draining compost and not over-watered to avoid rot. Snake plants thrive in good potting soil and are not fussy. Sansevierias are “succulent” plants that store water in their leaves. It is generally advised to add sand to the potting mix to make a “heavy soil” else they will become top-heavy and tumble over!


The heat tolerance of this plant means that it may be left outside all summer long. Slowly remove it from the shadows to avoid scorching its leaves. Scratching causes gray or brown spots to appear. Re-water the potting soil when it is dry. The leaves will perish if you water in the middle of the rosette. Avoid drenching the leaves with water, since this might lead to their decomposition. To tell whether the plant is drowning, look for yellow or squishy leaves.



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