Dracaena Cambodiana

Included in Arrangement

Dracaena Cambodiana: 1 Plant (1.3m)
Verticaza Fiberglass Pot: White & Black (L: 44cmL x 44cmW x 64cmH)


Sunlight: Partial sunlight

Water: When watering, they like modest amounts, allowing the plants to dry between waterings. Root rot can occur as a result of overwatering.

Fertiliser: Feeding the plants with a diluted mix of liquid fertilizer every few weeks will keep them in prime shape.

Rootball size: 24cm x 16cmH

Pot type: The plant is delivered in a pot with a drainage hole.

Soil for Potted Plants

Dracaena cambodiana requires fertilised potting soil. Make or buy a fertiliser including coco peat moss, vermiculite or perlite, compost, and other materials. A lightweight soil for potted plants must drain well, retain moisture, and allow roots to develop.

Light Requirements

To keep your Dracaena cambodiana happy, make sure they get enough light. Plants with comparable light requirements should be grouped together. Don’t put shade with sun lovers in the same pot; depending on where you put it, one or both may be unhappy.


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Plant With Original Plastic Pot, Plant With White Verticaza Fiberglass Pot, Plant With Black Verticaza Fiberglass Pot


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