Tillandsia hybrid

Tillandsia, sometimes referred to as “airplants,” are evergreen perennials that bloom throughout the year. For the most part, they’re epiphytes, meaning they’re growing on other plants rather than in soil. Thick leaves are more drought-tolerant because they are thicker. They’re perfect for the home because of how hardy and low-maintenance they are. Propagation is accomplished by the use of little plants called “pups,” which are the seeds of the mother plant.


Every week, give your Tillandsia Micans Hybrid a 10-minute soak in a basin of water. As an alternative, you may use a spray bottle to sprinkle your plant every other week or so if it needs additional water in between soaks. After each watering, gently shake the air plant’s leaves to remove any extra water. After watering your air plant, place it in an area with a lot of air movement so that it may dry out entirely within four hours.


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