Tillandsia intermedia

Tillandsia intermedia is a medium-sized caulescent that may exceed 25 cm. The proliferation of the inflorescence causes it to appear to be elongated and can be seen hanging from trees by its coiled leaves or by the inflorescence reproducing repeatedly to produce chains of plants. Scales cover the whole surface of the 5-8, thick leaves. Inflated, the pseudobulb is 5-15 cm long, and the sheaths are big, broadly oval, and inflated.


Tillandsia intermedia should be watered as often as once a week in summer and twice or three times a week, depending on light and humidity conditions. If you’re growing it outside, rain qualifies as watering. There is a risk of stagnant water at the base of its leaves if it is grown in an upright posture. If you’d rather grow the plant with its head up, flip it over after each watering for a few seconds to drain any extra water.


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