Tillandsia Ionantha “Druid” Clump

Ionantha is native to Mexico, Costa Rica, and parts of South America, including Guatemala. However, they will thrive in dry situations if misted regularly. The T. ionantha druid has brilliant green leaves with fluffy trichomes. As the plant matures, its leaves expand outward. Most T. ionantha plants will now turn a darker green. In bright light, T. ionantha druid leaves retain their vibrant green color and fade to a bright yellow. Most T. ionantha plants bloom in stunning purple with white flowers and bright yellow pollen. The T. ionantha druid variant is distinct in that it does not flush red. When they bloom, they turn a brighter yellowish-white or almost peach, with beautiful white blooms.


Soak your Tillandsia Ionantha Albino for 10 minutes once a week. If your plant needs additional water between soakings, spritz it 3-4 times a week using a spray bottle. Water is absorbed by leaves rather than roots. After each watering, gently shake the leaves to remove excess water. Place your air plant in a well-ventilated area to dry it within 4 hours. Heat and cold from heaters/AC units might harm the plants. Indoors, Tillandsia Ionantha Albino prefers bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as it will leave burn marks on the plant. Tillandsia Ionantha Albino prefers 50-80 F temperatures. It requires sufficient air movement and humidity.


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Tillandsia Ionantha Orangy “Druid” Clump
Tillandsia Ionantha Orangy “Druid” Clump

Semi Circle Clump, Circular Hanging Clump


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