Tillandisa Ionantha Rubra

Ionantha Rubra is an uncommon cultivar of Tillandsia Ionantha. This rootless American native forms a rosette of beautiful, prickly, and elongated leaves. The semi-succulent juvenile Tillandsia Rubra leaves are yellow or green. In bloom, the foliage has lovely bluish flowers and reddish leaves. The low-maintenance, lotus-like plant creates lovely terrariums, frames, and urchin pots. Let’s learn about the rare Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra plant, its care, and expected development.


Air plants’ water needs differ greatly from those of other plants. You can sprinkle the Rubra air plant twice a week. In dry conditions, mist the plant three or four times per week. The plant can also be submerged in water. After watering, flip the plant upside down to drain excess water. Water at the base of the plant body invites plant rot. Don’t entirely submerge the delicate plant body. Bright indirect sunlight is ideal. This tropical plant thrives in fluorescent light. So it’ll work in offices and basements.  The plant requires high humidity. It also likes sufficient aeration to dry the plant.


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Tillandisa Ionantha Rubra
Tillandisa Ionantha Rubra


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