YaraMila 13-13-21 Compound Fertilizer / 500g

NPK 13-13-21 Yara Mila Fertilizer is a high-quality, complex mineral fertilizer with microelements intended for basic and pre-seasonal fertilization but can also be used for growing crops during vegetation. It helps promote healthy flowering and blooming in crops, ornamental plants, and landscape plants.

YaraMILA fertilizers have a high content of active ingredients so that a harmonious crop supply can be obtained with all necessary nutrients, resulting in a healthier crop condition and optimum water consumption. Thanks to extraordinary raw materials and specific production processes, in the case of soil moisture, the granules immediately begin to dissolve and constantly supply the plants with the necessary nutrients. At present, the release of the nutrients after incorporation and their further release is possible simultaneously with the use of Yara’s mineral fertilizers with their sowing as well as their use in feed. Each granule is of the same shape, size, and chemical composition, allowing for uniform application on the surface.



Total Nitrogen         (N)                   13%

   Ammonium-N              7.5%

   Nitrate-N                        5.5%

Total Phosphate   (P2O5)               13%

   Citrate Soluble P2O5      13.0%

   Water soluble P2O5       10.0%

Total Potassium    (K2O)                 21%

Product of Italy

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