Yellow Dendrobium pachyphyllum (Fragrance)

Dendrobium pachyphyllum belongs to the Dendrobium genus. Reinier Cornelis Bakhuizen van den Brink described this species in 1963.

Dendrobium Pachyhyllum Identification

Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and the Philippines are all home to Dendrobium pachyphyllum. They rise at altitudes ranging from sea level to 1000 meters in Java and 600-2100 meters in Borneo. In swamps, orchards, open fields, and along paths, they rise low on tree branches. They only appear in ancient woods and seldom in areas of little sun. It is a small, hot to cool growing epiphyte with shiny, basally wiry, swollen apically, 1-5 cm tall, rarely 8 cm stems carrying two succulent, suberect to spreading, dense, fleshy, oblong, glossy, yellow-green, 1-5 cm long leaves with red tips. 

Thick-Leaved Dendrobium blooms in the spring on a short to 1 cm axillary, successive or simultaneous opening, few-flowered inflorescence of short-lived, often fragrant flowers emerging from between the leaves. Flowers that may or may not open entirely are about the same size as pseudobulbs or plates.


The average day temperature is 29-33 ° Celsius throughout the year, while the average night temperature is 21-24 ° Celsius, resulting in a standard temperature differential of 6-11 degrees C.

Substrate, growing media and repotting:

Dendrobium pachyphyllum is better grown mounted on a tree trunk or cork due to its readily propagating habit. You should maintain high humidity and water your plants at least once a day throughout the season. You may use any loose, fast-drying substrate when growing in small pots or baskets. When new roots begin to expand, repotting can be achieved at any time.


The plants should be kept continuously wet for six months, from spring to early autumn, during vigorous growing, but the volume of water should be steadily decreased in autumn, as new growths attain maturity.


Fertilise with Our fertilizer twice a week.  Fertilizer For Growing Flowering


These orchid species bloom seasonally. The blooming occurs 1-2 times annually in Singapore. Kindly note that plant might not be in bloom when ordered.

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