Cattleya Collection

This collection includes orchids in the Cattleya Alliance. Cattleya, Brassocattleya (Bc.) Brassolaeliocattleya (Blc.).

Blooms and grows well in local climate. Flowers change colour over time! Some like the large Cattleya are highly fragrant!

30 – 50% shade from the sun. Suitable for indoors, balcony and corridors (in shade).

Currently blooming plants

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Seasonal plants. (Kindly check availability before ordering.)

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Other Hybrids Occasionally Seen Blooming Here. See if you can spot these orchids when you drop by!

Our Plant Policy

We ship out plants in bloom first, followed by plants about to bloom and finally bloom-size adult plants if none are in bloom.

Basic Cattleya Care

Water at the roots only when media is dry.

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