Let’s talk about this gorgeous year-round bloomer, the Oncidesa Goldiana aka. Golden Shower. This is a hardy plant that does well in the tropics, and over here in Singapore at our nursery, it just keeps blooming!

All I see is a sea of golden yellow…

The Oncidesa Goldiana (1940) or locally better known as the Dancing Lady Orchid is a hybrid between Gomesa flexuosa × Oncidium sphacelatum. The Oncidesa Goldiana produces numerous small 1-2cm yellow flowers on 5-6 branches per 30-40cm spike. The plants can bloom when they are as short as 30-40cm and can grow up to 50cm tall (not considering the flower spikes). The flowers have reduced petals and sepals but is compensated by the enormous curly lip shaped like the dress of a dancing lady.

As this oncidium has thin roots, our choice of media is wood chips as it retains more water and won’t dry out as quickly. This medium-sized Oncidium orchid plant is well suited for corridors or balconies in planters.

When many Oncidesa goldiana in bloom are put together, you get quite a spectacular display.

The Golden Shower Arch in National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. We are honoured to be maintaining this exhibit.

We also did a small floral arch display using this orchid for events and occasions.


Why not use numerous stalks to make it into an attractive table arrangement piece?

Do you grow this orchid at home? Tell us how they are doing!

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