The name Grammatophyllum arrive from greek words “gramma” and “phyllon” ; which means “letter” and “leaf” respectively. “Phyllon” takes a literal meaning of “leaf”, and “gramma” is represented by brown markings on the flower. Grammatophyllum scriptum(Bell Orchid) is a species from the Grammatophyllum family with flowers that have nature’s letters carved on their petals (less the yellow and albino variety).

Grammatophyllum scriptum is a relatively challenging orchid species to cultivate to full bloom under home environment and conditions. There are cases where the Bell Orchid does not flower at all in a span of few years. Our Bell Orchid flower about once a year. Now is the time that they do! The flower stem shoots out to about a span of 1.5metres. Spikes of estimated 4cm blossom along the whole flower stalk and weighs it down so that the stem bends to a slight arc in full bloom.

I will say the Bell Orchid has pretty impressive inflorescence this time round.

Plants will be sold for SGD$60. For orchid enthusiasts who have trees at home, u might just want to do without the pot and attach the Bell Orchid to the tree instead and it will grow to look like the photos above (;

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