Are you an orchid enthusiast? Do you have a creative eye? Here is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity, share your passion for orchid and win a fabulous prize of $200.00 worth of orchids from us! Toh Garden will be hosting an Instagram Orchid Photography Competition annually. Participate in our Instagram Orchid Photography Competition and stand to win a $200.00 worth of orchid gift vouchers!

Your photos will be vetted by our group of Instagram followers worldwide. Our gallery below will constantly sort out all photos captured based on number of likes. So you can check back to see if your photos are on our list. If they aren’t, try capturing a more creative photo to attract more likes from our followers! 🙂 And yes, you are allowed to get family and friends to help you out with the likes for your photos! 😉 You are also allow to capture the photos directly from our farm! 😛

Rules of the Instagram Photography Competition:

  • Capture photos of our orchids and ornamentals! 
  • Submitted your photos through Instagram and tag #tohgarden!
  • Share your photos with your friends and relative to garner more likes!
  • The photo with the most number of likes will be awarded $200 gift voucher annually! 
  • This competition is open to all members of the public except employees of Toh Garden, thus photographs taken by us will not be factored into this Photography Competition! 
  • The competition ends and restarts annually on 31st Dec 00:00HRS! 

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