Renantanda RedRenantanda hybrids (Renanthera x Vanda) are generally red/orange in colour due to the dominant red of Renanthera lineage. Yellow coloured Renantanda are a rare occurrence. Renantanda usually produce large blooms and numeral sprays of flowers; side sprays are common too . Renantanda flowers generally last for more than a month from bud to bloom.

This is a new Renantanda hybrid that has started flowering recently in our nursery. The long-lasting flowers of this Renantanda span 10cm and each stalks is about 55cm when in bloom. As the plants are still in their infancy, longer stalks of flowers could be expected as the plant matures.

Aside from this new hybrid, our nursery also houses Renantanda Genting Gem from Genting nursery as shown below. Renantanda Genting Gem