Adenium (Large Bonsai)

Light & Temperature 

If you reside in a tropical environment, you can keep your bonsai Desert Rose outside all year. During the growth season, which lasts from early spring to early October in colder areas, maintain the Desert rose in a sunny outdoor location. The plant loves to be in the sun in the morning and the shade in the afternoon. Your Desert Rose will be content as long as the overnight temperatures do not fall below 40° F (4° C). Bring your Adenium bonsai trees indoors during the winter. This sun-loving plant thrives on a sunny southern windowsill. If you don’t have a southern placement, either east or west will suffice. Avoid planting the Desert rose plant in a cold northern window, but add grow lights to keep your plant happy if that is your only alternative.  Don’t be startled if your Desert Roses lose their leaves in the winter, even if they’re kept warm indoors. Place your bonsai in a spot where it can get the sun it needs and be seen to its most significant advantage at all times. Look for a windowsill, table, or seat where your plant can be seen (approximately 4′ above the ground or floor).

Watering & Feeding

Watering your bonsai should never be overlooked. The Desert Rose, unlike other bonsai plants, requires watering every 7 to 10 days. although Adenium is succulent, it requires a lot of moisture when kept as a bonsai. A watering regimen of 7-10 days is recommended. Allow the plant to soak for about 30 minutes, then thoroughly dry before watering again.

Pot Types

Shallow bonsai pots work best for Adenium obesum because they foster a larger exposed root or caudex while still giving enough breadth for the caudex to expand. To exhibit a Desert Rose, use a conventional bonsai pot or creative use of another shallow container. Just make sure there are plenty of drainage holes in the container.

Soil & Transplanting

In general, mid-summer is the optimum time to repot a bonsai. At this point, gently remove the Desert Rose tree and surrounding dirt from its container and thoroughly rinse the roots. Remove roughly a quarter of the root mass from the sides and bottom of the plant. Clean and prepare the plant’s original pot, or replace it with a new pot that is not considerably larger than the original. Remember to cover the drainage holes with a piece of plastic screen to avoid substrate loss while watering. Pour a thin coating of gravel over the whole bottom surface of the pot, then add a layer of well-draining potting mix thick enough to elevate the tree to the correct height within the container. Place the tree on this layer of dirt and cover the root mass with the Soil. To fill any gaps in the dirt, carefully press it down. Ensure there are no air pockets by working the fresh Desert rose soil beneath and around the root mass. Submerge the entire pot of the repotted bonsai Desert Rose in a tub or bucket of water to thoroughly water it. Allow it to soak for a few minutes before placing it out to drain.  Decorate the soil’s surface with stones, bark, moss, and other natural ground covers during this time to help hold the soil in place and preserve moisture.

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