Cordyline fruiticosa

Be forever fem, with a lush pink-colored stem. In temperate climes, this blooming tropical evergreen is widely kept as a houseplant. Depending on the cultivar, it can have gorgeous leaves in colors of pale pink, green, purple, or deep red. It does need a lot of sunlight to keep its leaves’ hues vibrant. Never let the soil at the bottom of the container stand in water; just water when the top of the soil feels dry. By placing the plant in a saucer filled with stones and water, you may increase the plant’s humidity. Fluoride-sensitive plants may require distilled water to be watered.


Ti plant flourishes as a houseplant in a humid climate with wet soil and strong indirect light from spring to October. Grow Ti plants in a bright bathroom, or set the pot on a tray packed with stones that are continually topped up with water to maintain the desired humidity. The plant’s roots may decay if the pot’s bottom is in direct contact with water. Water the plant when the soil surface dries up throughout the active growing season (spring through fall). During the winter months, Cordyline has to be watered less often since development slows or ceases.


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