Akadama Soil 1L

Do you think Akadama would be excellent for Succulents?
Akadama is one of the finest potting mixes for growing succulents. It has an excellent drainage system, promotes healthy root development, and is very porous, allowing nutrients to be readily retained, resulting in superior succulent growth.

Akadama is a popular potting substrate from Japan that gets its name from “ash-cadmium mixture.” Mt. Fuji’s eruptions have been ongoing for millennia, and it has formed in that time.

Succulents and bonsai plants are well-adapted to growing in an Akadama-based potting mix. Akadama is porous in nature; thus, it soon dries out. Today, it is pretty popular among those who enjoy succulents all around the world.

Since its very porous structure, Akadama is commonly used in bonsai soil mixes because it boosts the overall drainage quality of the soil. Also crucial when growing bonsai indoors in pots is ensuring proper drainage.

Potted indoor plants are far more likely to suffer from root rot. So in that sense, Akadama is a fantastic option. The Akadema’s ability to absorb soil moisture means they are ideal for bonsai and other types of plants like succulents and cactuses that dislike damp soil.

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