Glass Jar Preserved Flower Aromatherapy Luxury Fragrance Scented Candle

Make your home smell like the meadows. A reason to impress your guest is now contained in a jar hand-made with scents is created when the wax is infused with aromatic oils. Trapped flowers are possible to create an atmosphere of health and well-being by lighting fragrant candles. Scented candles, as opposed to incense, don’t produce any smoke. The majority of scented candles don’t emit smoke, unlike incense sticks.


Candle maintenance wouldn’t be complete without trimming the wick. Before lighting your candle, or after every four hours of use, shorten the wick to a length of around 3 millimeters. In addition to ensuring an equal burn, trimming the wick guarantees that your candle will look great and smell great for the duration of its use. Make sure the first layer is entirely dissolved before you start the second. If you don’t, you’ll end up with wax dripping down the sides of your candles after each burn. To avoid tunneling on the second burn, we recommend burning your candle for three hours the first time around. We recommend burning your candle for no more than four hours at a time in order to avoid any potential difficulties. The entire time your candle is burning, keep an eye on it.



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