Alocasia Baginda Silver Dragon

Alocasia baginda belongs to the Araceae family and is endemic to Borneo. ‘Silver Dragon’ is a cultivar that resembles Alocasia ‘Melo’ in that the leaves are rigid and coriaceous, with nearly entirely peltate leaf blades and light green petioles.

The genus name is derived from the Greek words a, which means “without,” and alocasia, which means “lotus root.” The specific epithet is classical Malay for ‘His Majesty.’


Bright indirect light, which means the plant sees the sun for 0-4 hours every day – this might be through trees or a translucent curtain, but the plant has to know the sky to flourish. Alocasia can withstand a few hours each day in direct sunlight.


Alocasia needs equally wet soil, so water after the top inch of mix has dried up, assuming the plant receives adequate light. Before watering, aerate the potting mix with a few pokes with a skewer or blunt stick, then carefully pour water over the top and allow it to travel through the drainage holes.

Potting soil

A well-draining mixture of coco coir, perlite or vermiculite, orchid bark, and worm castings.


Fertilize your plant every other watering during the growing season or whenever you notice vigorous development. Too much fertilizer can damage plants; fertilize twice a week using Our fertilizer. Fertilizer For Growing


18-29°C is ideal.


Alocasia prefers greater humidity levels. Place the plant on a moistened pebble tray or use a humidifier to enhance humidity. Because alocasia is poisonous, keep it out of the reach of dogs and children. Because this is a living item, your plant may differ from the image. Variations in shape and colour are completely normal and to be anticipated. We will give you a plant that is as close to the photo and description as feasible. Unless otherwise specified, the image displayed is an example of what is in stock.

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