Alocasia Bambino Arrow (Baby)

Get pierced and be struck by the elegance of this arrow-shaped Alocasia. It is known to be one of the most decorative species of the genus. Elegant venations can be seen in its arrow-shaped leaves and dazzled with a purple hue below. It may be fierce as an arrow, but it is relatively easy to cultivate. Making it a preferable pick for someone starting, an elegant yet fierce piece of green is a perfect addition to your home collection.


The arrow-shaped Alocasia is pretty easy to be taken care of. Generally, most Alocasia demands an ample amount of indirect light, moist environment, fertilization at least once a month, and hydrate it once to twice a week. However, in terms of replacing pots, it would not be a burden because it does not require repotted or trimming regularly.


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