Alocasia Xanthosoma “Mickey Mouse”

Alocasia Xanthosoma Variegatas (often called “Mickey Mouse”) are incredibly uncommon and magnificent tropical plants with big leaves and prominent variegation. These plants, which can grow to be quite large if given sufficient space and care, originated in tropical areas where they thrive in humid circumstances with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. These are incompatible with direct sunlight, which can result in burned or dead leaves. These are stunning variegated plants with a great degree of variegation and contrast.

Sunlight: Filtered sunlight with a warm tone.

Water: Daily. Make sure the soil is always wet.

Humidity: This plant thrives in humid conditions. Mist frequently dissipates.

Fertiliser:  Fertilize the Mickey Mouse plant weekly during the growing season with a diluted liquid fertilizer

Rootball/Pot Size: ø 17cm x 18cm H

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