Polypodium polycarpon

Polypodiums are a big, varied genus of outdoor ferns. Some species, including Polypodium vulgare, are native to Europe and were once used to propagate orchids and epiphytes. Most species like warm weather and will only thrive indoors in a temperate climate. The most prevalent is Polypodium polycarpon. Their leaves are up to 50 cm (20 in) long, slender, leathery, and dentate or forked at the apex (like “Grandiceps”).


The plant can tolerate the dry apartment air, but it prefers a high humidity of at least 60%. Place the pot in a tray of wet claydite or moist peat, or mist the plant with warm gentle water. It is critical that the maximum humidity is over 68°F. Winter dry air from radiators kills the plant. The soil must be loose and airy for ferns. Mix equal portions peat, leaf land, and sand for your personal preparation. Add peat moss, charcoal, and possibly pine bark. Drainage is required (1-2 cm). Water liberally with soft water, but do not overwater; water when the soil surface is dry. Excess wetness (in this case the rhizome gets numb) and drying out hurt a plant. Summer: 7 days, winter: 10 days. It is thermophilic.


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