Begonia Bolero


Avoid direct sunlight and strong heat when growing Begonia in Singapore. Begonia can thrive under low light but generally like bright indirect light.


Begonias prefer a light, rich soil mix. Use a mixture of one part pumice stones or perlite with one part cocopeat or peat moss with good drainage at the bottom of your pots.


Begonia should be watered when the media feels dry. Try not to let the leaves wilt, if the leaves wilt to a bend, this can cause vascular damage, resulting in the leaves being unable to prop themselves up even after hydration.

Begonia loves high humidity. If you are growing your plant at home in a dry airconditioned environment, you can seal up a shelf using transparent sheets and double-sided tapes to seal in the humidity and have them growing under grow lights.

Temperature and Humidity

Keep your Begonia away from extensive heat over 30-degree Celsius during the hot months in Singapore. You can bring the plants indoors when it’s too hot outside and grow them under grow lights or even common fluorescent lights.


You may feed your potted plants monthly with our Ezi Gro NPK 63 foliar fertilizers once a week.

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