Bicolour Miltoniopsis hybrids (2 Spikes Large Flowers)

Miltonia is an orchid genus by twelve epiphyte species and eight natural hybrids. It’s also abbreviated Milt. in the horticultural trade. Except for one species, which has a range that ranges from Brazil to the northeast of Argentina and east of Paraguay, Miltonia is only found in Brazil. John Lindley named the genus Miltonia after describing the type of species Miltonia in 1837. Many more species were formerly assigned to Miltonia. Still, since 1978, Miltonia from Central America and colder regions of northwest South America have been transferred to other genera, such as Miltoniopsis and Oncidium, and the horticultural industry is still embracing these modifications.

Miltoniopsis blooms last around one month at room temperature and much longer in an airconditioned environment, making them great gifts for office colleagues and bosses!

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Flower in plastic Pot, Flower in Marble Pot


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