Tecoma stans (Big Plant)

Grow your own happiness in a pot. They are little trees or bushes that grow to 10 meters. The evergreen leaves have serrated oval-lanceolate leaflets. The trumpet-shaped, brilliant yellow flowers grow in groups. Summer and early fall blooming. They bear hanging pods of fruit. These fast-growing plants are used in hedges, windbreaks, to repopulate impoverished sections of the garden, and in patio and terrace pots. Ideal for Mediterranean gardens. They are intrusive and should be monitored.


Tecoma stans require full sun and warm-to-hot conditions. They can take a frost. They rest in the winter. They thrive in any well-drained soil with organic materials. Drought tolerant plants, water consistently all year long till the soil dries out. Early spring manure or humus fertilizer Prune the pods (fruits) to encourage more bloom clusters. They are pest and disease resistant. They are grown through summer semi-mature cuttings or spring seeds (they take about 10 days to germinate).


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