Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea

One of the finest ways to bring a splash of color and tropical sensations to your area is with the triostar stromanthe’s brilliant pastel stripes (Stromanthe sanguinea or Stromanthe thalia, also known as tricolor stromanthe). With careful care, these lively plants may reach heights of two to three feet and widths of one to two feet at maturity.

Plants with delicate pointed green leaves splashed with pale green, cream, and pink on top, and deep pink, maroon, or magenta below can be found only in Brazil’s rainforests. Its pink undersides may be seen when its leaves are folded up at night, as it belongs to the prayer plant family together with marantas and calatheas.


If you have an east or north-facing window, place your triostar stromanthe there to take advantage of the brilliant, indirect light. This will help your plant to flourish while optimizing its color. If the light is too low, the variegation in Triostar stromanthe plants will be less noticeable. To maintain balanced growth, rotate the plant once a week.

It’s preferable to keep these plants in a warm environment away from any chilly drafts even though they can tolerate temperatures as low as 40°F (4.4°C).


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