Colocasia esculenta ‘Lemon-Lime Gecko’

Deemed as the jungle’s most enormous creature yet its color is known as the tiniest geko in the wild. Meet elephant ear hybrid, Colocasia esculenta ‘Lemon-Lime Gecko’ has erect dark purple stems, each with flesh-colored streaks. The Colocasia Esculenta Lemon Lime Gecko’s leaves are dark green with lime green spots all over, making each one unique. In contrast to the upward-pointing leaves of Alocasia, the Colocasia leaves droop more and point downwards. This Elephant Ear is a great choice for both new growers and seasoned collectors, because of its robustness, rapid growth, and low maintenance requirements.


In loose, well-drained soils, it flourishes; in a well-aerated, wet potting mix, it may be successfully cultivated as well. In order to produce the potting soil, you’ll need a mixture of coarse potting sand or perlite, peat, and dirt. On hot summer days, move the container into a somewhat shady place, such as under tall trees, to avoid scorching its leaves. If you have an indoor-grown plant, place it near a light-curtailed window facing south or west. Make sure that the plant receives at least one inch of water every week, including rain, during the dry season.


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