Calathea zebrina

Let stripes cover you, If you’re looking for an eye-catching plant that’s also easy to care for, go no further than this one. Light green with deeper green stripes, like Zebra stripes, the leaves of this species have velvety patterns. Because the leaves grow horizontally, the purple undersides of the leaves aren’t usually visible (although some will curve or grow more upright). Cluster-forming plant with long stalks (up to 1 meter tall) and large leaves (more than 15 inches in length) at the top.


Indoors, the Zebra plant is unlikely to produce noticeable purple or white blooms. This plant isn’t all about the flowers, even when they’re in full bloom (still nice to see of course). As long as the temperature isn’t too chilly and there is adequate light, Caltheas will thrive in a greenhouse or conservatory. Because of the greater humidity levels, a light bathroom large enough to contain the plant is an excellent place.


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