Fresh Cut Orchids

Give the best and only receives what’s fresh. Freshly plucked orchids to surprise your loved one. Don’t be intimidated by orchids if you’re new to the hobby. Many orchids may be grown easily if you take the time to learn about their requirements. Traditional potted plants aren’t what you’ll find here. Epiphytes, or plants that grow on trees rather than soil, are the most common kind. Lady slippers are one of a few orchids that are semi-terrestrial and thrive in the jungle’s loamy soil.

A surprise bouquet is a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day on a special occasion.


The care of indoor orchids is simple if you learn how to cultivate them correctly. Depending on the kind, these blooms can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. It is possible to use them as a focal point in any room of the house. The fundamental demands of orchids, such as light, temperature, and humidity, are all that are required for them to thrive in a home.


Delivery within Singapore only with a $100 cart purchase with a $25 delivery fee. Free delivery for cart purchases over $200.

Dimensions35 × 15 × 12.5 cm

Aranda Chao Praya Gold, Dendrobium Sonia, Dendrobium Snow White, Aranda BandarayaKu, Aranda Pure Heart, Dendronium Genting Casino, Aranda Chark Kuan Orange, Oncidium Goldiana


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