Begonia Variegata

A good day for you lads, because there’s a plant that grows like lily pads. Grow your dreams and let Begonias take you there. They are a pretty straightforward plant to cultivate. This kind of Begonia is one of the most warm-loving you’ll ever meet. As their origin is from the understory of subtropical or tropical forests. A stunning statement is what Begonias are made of, they are studded with hues of pattern that swirls or extend to its leaves. 




A plant that is very direction oriented, because this plant usually requires a placement where a window faces the east or west. Indirect sunlight would suffice as long as it does not go below the temperature of 60 F. When it comes to fertilizers, this kind of plant could thrive with an equal concoction of liquid fertilizers. This is well accompanied by proper hydration, wait until the soil is rid of all moisture before applying water. Begonias that are branching will greatly benefit from pinching back lengthy stems to promote more space for new branches to thrive.




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Our Begonia Variegata is a preorder item that originates from Vietnam. The plants are shipped every one to three months. When you place an order, our staff will contact you when the shipment arrives for collection/delivery.

Dimensions35 × 15 × 12.5 cm


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