Hardwood Charcoal For Growing Orchids

Hardwood Charcoal For Growing Orchids (2KG)

  • Hardwood Charcoal ( 2KG )Hardwood charcoal for growing orchids. Ideal for Dendrobiums, Cattleya, Oncidiums, and Vanda hybrids in the local climate. Charcoal is able to bind nutritional substances such as phosphorus and calcium in the soil, which makes them more easily available to the plants.
  • If you want to raise rich, lush flowers in your garden, adding charcoal to the soil is a simple and effective method. There are many reasons to add charcoal to your garden, including raising the soil’s pH, improving air circulation, and increasing the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients. Once added, the benefits of charcoal continue for years.,
  • Orchids require a growing medium that provides good drainage and aeration to the roots. Hardwood charcoal can help improve drainage and aeration by creating small pockets of air within the growing medium. It can also act as a natural filter, removing impurities from the water and improving water quality.



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