Kangaroo Paws Red ‘Anigozanthos’

Anigozanthos is a small genus of plants native to Australia. that belongs to the Haemodoraceae family, also includes bloodworts. The 11 species and different species are commonly referred to as the kangaroo paw or catspaw but with their flower features. A third species, previously named Anigozanthos fuliginosus and widely recognised as the black kangaroo paw, has already been moved to its immunoglobulins, Macropidia fuliginosa. Jacques Labillardière called the genus in his research, Relation du Voyage à la Recherche de la Pérouse, released in 1800. During the journey of the d’Entrecasteaux to Southwest Australia in 1792, the French botanist collected and described the type plant, Anigozanthos Rufus. A few hybrids and cultivars have been established in recent years. Kangaroo paws are in limited supply as house decor.

Western Australia’s floral symbol is the red-and-green kangaroo paw.

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