Magnet Cloud Air Plant Holder

Plants are known for their ability to reduce stress and add a dash of color to whatever room they’re placed in. Natural components, whether they’re found in a well-kept garden or a wall planter, are a terrific way to bring nature into your home and make it seem more like home. Wall-mounted plants are a great option since they don’t need that you be an expert gardener or have a lot of space—as long as you’ve done your homework, of course.


Make care to properly clean the magnet’s surface to eliminate any residue that may have accumulated. To remove the soap, you may either rinse the magnet in water or moisten the other side of the cloth. After washing your magnets, you can either use a new towel to dry them or leave them out on the counter to air dry.


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Magnet Cloud Air Plant Holder
Magnet Cloud Air Plant Holder


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