Syngonium Neon Robusta

Syngonium’ Neon Robusta’ is a lovely pink cultivar of the well-known arrowhead vine family. These subtropical climbers are a very adaptable species, capable of growing as a bushy houseplant, a trailing vine, or a terrarium plant – depending on how you want to cultivate them. With its dynamic arrow-shaped leaves and vivid tones, this plant adds a welcome splash of colour wherever it goes. Pink Syngonium are easy to care for, making them ideal for both the occasionally forgetful plant parent and the too eager waterer! Discover how to bring out the most in these bright plants!


Like a vine that is used to winding its way through the rainforest canopy, the Pink Arrowhead Vine prefers indirect solid sunshine. That said, it’s very forgiving on the lower end of the light spectrum as well; however – as with other variegated plants – you can generally expect some colour loss in complete darkness. On the other hand, try to keep it out of direct sunshine. The fragile leaf structures might be scorched in whole light, so do everything you can to safeguard its colours!


Because the Pink Syngonium is tropical, it prefers to be uniformly moist. Thus it will benefit from regular watering. Ensure that it can drain correctly; otherwise, you risk root rot with a continually wet substrate. When grown as a houseplant, containers with drainage holes are the most straightforward approach to ensure your plants do not become waterlogged. Water till water flows out the bottom, and there you have it! They’ll do well when able to dry out a little between watering too. Similarly, this plant prefers consistent wetness; thus, it will grow under enclosed tropical conditions. Just be sure to properly balance the water in the system and enable adequate drainage in your substrate.


This tenacious species isn’t picky about where it’s planted, although replicating its natural tropical habitat is always a good idea. Syngonium’ Neon Robusta’ thrives in a light substrate mix with adequate aeration, water retention, and drainage. We prefer to use a coco coir basis in terrariums and pots and supplement with orchid bark (or perlite) and earthworm castings. More information about substrates may be found in my comprehensive guide.

Temperature & Humidity

Syngonium podophyllum ‘Neon Robusta’ is a tropical and subtropical species that is highly temperature-sensitive. It is not frost-resistant should not be a problem in a terrarium. However, it is still necessary to keep the room temperature above ten °C (50°F) and avoid cold drafts or significant temperature changes. Although humidity is less critical, the pink arrowhead vine will benefit from more excellent air moisture in a confined terrarium setting.


Syngonium’ Neon Robusta’ is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to growth. It can develop into various forms and sizes depending on the environment and how it’s planted, although terrarium conditions should help limit its growth.


Plant Type: Vine, foliage, large

Lighting: Bright, indirect light

Temperature: 60-80°F (15-26°C)

Watering: Regular, even moisture

Humidity: High humidity (60-90%)

Growth: 20-30 inches


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