Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegata TG015

Gardening with a little dirt never hurts. Know Monstera is a hemiepiphyte, meaning it is partly epiphytic. Monstera seeds often sprout in the canopy, developing epiphytically. Their roots eventually reach the soil. It can self-propagate by forming a rooted vine that climbs tree trunks and finally breaks their main connection to the ground, but still sending lengthy roots into the soil. 


Albo’s Monstera borsigiana variegata is highly water-sensitive. The potting mix must be light and airy to reach the roots. A lack of oxygen is caused by peat’s water retention and compression. Getting morning sun, grow lights, or bright natural light is critical for your Monstera borsigiana variegata Albo. Colorful chlorophyll facilitates photosynthesis. In summary, each new leaf will make your variegated Monstera greener! Mona borsigiana Albo Variegata prefers 65-70 % humidity. A gathering of plants might improve a space with low humidity. A shallow water dish placed underneath your Monstera Albo will help boost humidity as the water evaporates.


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