Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera is a genus of tropical evergreen vines and shrubs endemic to Central America. They’re known for their natural leaf-holes, which has earned them the moniker “Swiss Cheese Plant.” The fenestrations on the Monstera’s leaves are thought to enhance sun fleck capture on the forest floor by expanding the leaf’s spread while minimizing the bulk of leaf cells to sustain.


Swiss Cheese Plant grows best in indirect light that is bright to medium. Although it is not suited to harsh, direct sunlight, it can be acclimatized to it. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings, it should be watered every 1-2 weeks. In higher light, you should water more frequently, and in lower light, less frequently. Filtered water or water that has been left out overnight is beneficial to monsteras. Normal room humidity will suffice in terms of humidity, however humid circumstances are preferred if at all possible. To increase the humidity level in your home, consider using a fine-mist mister or a humidifier. Temperatures between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 30°C) are ideal for most houseplants. It’s preferable to keep it above 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). A well-draining potting mix is recommended. To promote soil aeration, use substances like perlite or lava rocks.


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