Natural Premium Vermiculite Soil / 5L

Natural Premium Vermiculite Soil For Gardening( 5L )

  • Vermiculite allows the soil to retain maximum moisture and nutrients for later use
  • Toh Garden Brand – Buy from a brand you know and trust – Toh Garden products are exclusive
  • Non-toxic and sterile – PH Neutral – Vermiculite helps soil maintain constant PH Levels.

How to use vermiculite in the garden?

Vermiculite mixed half and a half with soil, peat, or compost eliminates packed down soil in flower pots and houseplant containers while allowing excellent aeration, reducing the watering frequency, and allowing root spread. To transplant using vermiculite, dig a hole 6 inches (15 cm) larger than the plant roots.

Fill in with a mix of vermiculite and the removed topsoil. Again, this allows for root spread, provides moisture control, and protects the roots from drying out due to sun or wind. Three inches of vermiculite can also be used as mulch around shrubs and other garden plants like Roses, Dahlias, and Tomatoes

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