Papilionanda Ambrosian Twinkle (2009)

The Papilionanda Ambrosian Twinkle, previously Ascocenda Ambrosian Twinkle, is a hybrid between Papilionanda Josephine van Brero × Vanda miniata  The Papilionanda Ambrosian Twinkle is a hardy floriferous plant that produces 15 to 20, 3 to 4cm orange flowers on a single or double 40cm spike. The plant can bloom after reaching a height of 40cm and will continue to produce spikes as it grows vertically. The flowers have adorable round petals and sepals of a uniform orange colour.  Potted in charcoal, this compact strap-leaf Vanda orchid plant is well suited for indoors, corridors or balconies in planters.

Light requirement: 50 – 70%


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Plant Size

60cmH, 90cmH


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