Philodendron selloum

In temperate climates, ‘tree philodendron’ is a tropical plant with enormous, showy leaves that is grown as a houseplant. Although it can withstand heavy shadow, it likes bright, indirect light and moist soil. It can’t stand salt, so flush the soil frequently or use distilled water for irrigation. It has the ability to grow aerial roots that can absorb water and nutrients. Toxic only if consumed in high numbers. If consumed, it produces severe oral discomfort.


Indirect light is ideal for philodendron selloum They darken in low light. Leaves fade or burn in direct sunlight. The selloum prefers damp soil over other philodendrons. Winter: keep soil moist. Water-soluble balanced fertilizer diluted to 12 times the recommended dosage thrice a month in spring, summer, and fall Leaf burn caused by too much plant feeding can occur. Pale green leaves indicate it requires more fertilizer. Warmth over 55°F (12.8°C) is ideal for Philodendron selloums In the winter, keep them out of drafts. The philodendron is a selloum. It has narrower leaves than many of its relatives and prefers damp environments. Maintain a humidifier or moist pebble tray near your selloum in the winter.


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