Coleus “Magenta”

Dare to be beautiful with these very thrilling colors of magenta embedded within flawless leaves. An indoor or outdoor garden might benefit from the vividly colored, variegated leaves of Coleus. Their hues range from bright yellow and green to deep crimson and even a few shades of pink or purple. Variegated leaves in different colors of green and different forms may be seen in the foliage. As an alternative for seasonal flowers, the leaves of this plant are a wonderful complement to any garden.


A coleus is a great option for brightening up shady regions of the garden with its brightly colored leaves and variegations. These may be utilized in a shaded garden or as the centerpiece of a container.

Breeders have come up with new varieties that can withstand the sun’s rays. Hybrids have been engineered to not only bloom but to withstand at least some morning light exposure.

Coleus is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to cultivate. Average to good soil, light, and frequent watering are the plants’ preferred conditions. When they’re dry, they may droop.

To avoid the plant setting seed, remove the flower buds. If you want a bushier plant, pinching may also be essential. Coleus are quite hardy, thus the plant can be severely pruned if necessary.


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