Happiness in a pot. The Stephania erecta, also known as Stephania pierrei, is a huge, woody bulb from which arise numerous tall, slender, straight stalks (the “erecta” component). The shield-shaped green leaves on top of the stalks make this an unusual plant for any indoor garden. The Stephania erecta can grow up to three feet tall. This growth is gradual, taking up to 20 years for some species. The caudex of the Stephania is usually 6–7 inches wide. The leaves are about two inches in diameter, producing wonderful small bunches that look like tiki bar umbrellas.


Overwatering Stephania erecta is quite easy. Caudex retains moisture, so let the soil dry completely before watering. Forget about watering it more than once a month in the winter when it falls dormant. Like most houseplants, it prefers indirect sunshine. Stephania erecta, like most humans, prefers temperatures between 61 and 79°F. Keep your plant’s humidity at 60% or greater to avoid brown, dry, crispy leaves. If your residence is exceptionally dry, sprinkle the leaves with water or build a humidity tray. Like every plant, Stephania erecta care starts at the root. Choosing the right soil can make or break the plant’s growth (or if it even grows at all). You don’t need a highly loamy, water-retaining soil because the caudex naturally helps keep the roots moist. Rather, use a sand-based potting mix indicated for cacti and succulents.


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