Alocasia macrorrhiza “Stingray”


Its leaves are shaped like stingrays. The distal portion of the leaf is reduced to a narrow pointed midrib like a stingray’s tail. A unique cultivar with huge ribbed leaves shaped like stingrays, lovely as a large accent or screening. It has enormous, magnificent leaves that look like elephant ears. In midsummer, stingray has single conical creamy white hooded blooms with white centres above the leaves. Its big glossy fan-shaped leaves are beautiful and remain dark green all year. It’s a great indoor container plant for ample, light space.


It grows well on soil that is loose, porous, and well-drained. They may also be cultivated in a wet, well-aerated potting mix. The potting soil comprises one part coarse potting sand or perlite, one part peat, and one part dirt. It can also be used as compost.


When the plant is actively developing, improve the soil’s fertility by scraping some compost into the top inch or two of soil without disturbing the plant’s roots. Every two or three weeks feed the plant a balanced, Fertilizer For Growing, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to 1 teaspoon per litre of water.


Please protect it from direct sunlight (which might burn its leaves) by putting the container into a somewhat shaded area, such as behind tall trees. Keep an indoor-grown plant in a filtered light area near a lightly curtained south or west-facing window.


Water the soil well. During the dry season, give the plant extra water, aiming for at least 1 inch per week, including rain.

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