Syngonium Golden Feel “Green”


A gorgeous mound of creamy white foliage tinged with green joins forces with the arrowhead-shaped foliage. The subdued tone is an ideal complement to any décor. It is simple to maintain and provides a calm, natural feel when used indoors, but it may also be enjoyed outdoors throughout the summer on a shaded porch, patio, or deck. It looks excellent cascading from a hanging basket.


It looks beautiful, overflowing over the borders of the container. It looks great on a small table or in a hanging basket. In warmer weather, it may be shown outside.

Plant Feed

Once every month during the growing season.


Soil should be wet yet well-drained. With your finger, check the moisture level of the soil. It’s time to water if the top 2-4″ (5-10cm) of soil is dry or the plants are wilting.


All-purpose potting mix. Repot every two years in the same container or a container slightly larger than the diameter of the roots.

Fertilizing Instructions

Too much fertilizer can damage plants; fertilize twice a week using Our fertilizer. Fertilizer For Growing

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