Phlebodium aureum (Blue Star Fern)

Phlebodium aureum, often known as blue star fern, is an eye-catching fern with long fronds and a pleasing green-blue hue. Its capacity to endure low-light circumstances and effortless maintenance make it an excellent choice for new and veteran fern enthusiasts!

Blue star fern care

As with any houseplant, the best approach to figuring out how to care for your blue star fern is to observe how it grows organically.

Phlebodium aureum is mainly found in tropical forests of South America, although its native range also includes North America. It does not grow in the soil like most other plants here. Instead, it has a spreading rhizome that permits it to grow on trees without being parasitic. This enables it to reach higher than many ground-grown plants, all the way into the canopies.

Because of those above, this plant is classified as an epiphyte. If we want to cultivate this species inside, we need to keep this natural development pattern in mind since it will dictate how we should care for the plant.

Blue star fern location & temperature

Because it grows naturally connected to trees and other plants in woods where a lot of light is blocked off by tree canopies, the blue star fern does not require much light, though it does like it. Anything other than direct blazing sun should work well, which is one of the numerous qualities that distinguishes this plant from others.

Phlebodium aureum prefers wet environments since it thrives in (semi-)tropical forests. This makes it an excellent choice for places with significant humidity, such as north-facing bathrooms or kitchens. If you spray the plant regularly and the air in your home isn’t too dry, a setting like the living room is good.


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