Synogonium podophyllum “variegated”

Arrowhead vines, despite their cute compact nature, seek to branch out and extend in all directions. They are low-maintenance plants if you remember to water them. They are low-light tolerant houseplants that may grow almost anywhere. Their leaves are a rainbow of colors and patterns. Their tendrils will stick to surfaces, but older plants must be tied to their supports to let new growth to adhere to the stake. Smaller, younger plants will find the supports on their own.


It is best to grow them in indirect light of medium to bright intensity. They’ll burn in the sun. Syngonium can be made artificially if light is scarce. During the winter months, move your Arrowhead vines closer to the light source. Water these houseplants sparingly. If left too long, the lower leaves will dry and discolor. Then moisten the soil and plant. Damp soil produces leaf yellowing or browning. Overwatering a plant generates damp soil, limiting root oxygenation. This bog-like dirt breeds bacteria and sickness. To prevent overwatering! Arrowhead Vines thrive in temperatures between 60 and 80°F. They despise colder than 50°F Keep them out of drafts and doors in the winter. However, most houseplants prosper from humidities above 60%. This vine needs 12 strength liquid fertilizer twice a month in the growing season. Preferably early in the spring.


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